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My name is Dean Hazel. I and my friends are the organizers of OCCUPY THE PARTIES. I am sure that the people spending their time and energies in Occupy Wall Street are missing the mark as it is the bankers and not the Wall Street Jackals that are together with our subversive government officials responsible for all of America’s current economic troubles. The Wall Street types are just making a living out of successfully picking the bones left by our state and national bankers, not the least of which are the Federal Reserve Banks, who have been operating outside of the law almost since their creation by J. P. Morgan and the Rothschild men. The Federal Reserve Bank has been allowed to be largely if not entirely foreign-owned by people who do not care about America and putting the interests of Americans first.  Zeitgeist 2, the first half of the Addendum below, gives an excellent presentation of the creation of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the workings of its monetary fraud practices.

The utopian dream put forth by Zeitgeist is an old one whose failure is always attributed to the human weakness of greed, that forever overcomes the good intentions of the socialists every time.   The Zeitgeist like many other works in exposing the mechanics of our modern monetary banking fraud, fails to distinguish between the true nature of coin, currency andmoney.  What John Adams said over 200 years ago is evidently still true today and will be dealt with in further detail on other pages of this website.

As quoted by F. Tupper Saussy in his book Miracle on Main Street .

All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America rise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.

~ John Adams

I am a grassroots Republican who usually refers to myself as a Whigg, because my view is like George Washington and the other founding fathers who were the Whigs that created and gave us the republic that we know as the United States of America. I am just one of many who knows that the only way to have accountability in government is to have accountability in the major political parties that control and shape our government and have shaped and ruined our economy for years with never-ending wars, financed with credit for money that does not exist causing inflationary ruin to American families and small businesses as the loans of these credits are spent into circulation with each so-called loan transacted by checks kited by the banks against the security notes, i.e., the mortgages and titles to real and personal property that they acquire from trusting borrowers in this type of usurious monetary banking fraud.

For many years I have been working within the Republican Party in Michigan, to make its members knowledgeable of the real problems that are repeatedly causing recession after recession. That is the national and International Monetary Fraud (IMF). Banks loaning credit for money that does not exist and spending those credits into circulation as loans employing what Michigan common law recognizes as “Fictions to Cover Usury” to hide their crime from the unwary. The Occupy Wall Street people are missing the mark!

For the last two and one half years I have hosted the Breakfast Club of the Monroe County Republicans here in Michigan. I had much support of the local party leaders in the beginning, when it was hosted on the County Republican website as a Monroe County Republican club and event. Everything went fine until I attended the Birthday Party Fundraiser of Michigan State Senator Randy Richardville, hosted at the home of the then County Republican Party Secretary and now Chairman, Jason Sheppard. I had dared to raise issues with the State Senator about the Monetary Fraud. Banks falsely claiming to have loaned money and foreclosing when in fact they had only lent credit for money that did not exist, failing to perform according to the mortgage contracts for want of having loaned lawful consideration, i.e., “REAL MONEY!”

Over the years in both houses of our legislature, State Senator Randy Richardville has gotten a lot of support from many of the bankers doing business in the State of Michigan. He has been publicly given certificates and awards of appreciation by the bankers for the legislation that he has help pass that have aided them in their business in subduing the mortgage fraud of persons applying for loans at the banks with false information. I had suggested to Senator Richardville at his birthday party, that he help restore prosperity to America, end the inflation that is causing our current recession by ending the fraud that the banks are perpetrating upon the borrowers. This is by their lending not money, but credit for money that doesn’t exist. I gave the State Senator a handout together with others that I met at the Senator’s birthday party, that outlined what I was talking about, entitled Question for Candidates in the 2010 Michigan General Election” – Click here to view or download a PDF copy.

The information in the handout was just the notes and outline of my presentation, which was my plea to my elected officials, candidates and fellow Republicans, to pursue the real problem with America. The banks!

The Republican bosses of Monroe County Michigan then and there began their systematic effort to oust me from the party, limit my contact with other party members, candidates and leaders by employing libel, and slander, engaging in defamation of my character. One thing has led to another. My discovery that the Republican Party does not exist as a lawful entity in my state and many others that have similar laws intended to bring transparency and accountability to businesses conducted under fictitious names, even political parties.

Do you really know anyone who was born with the name Republican Party? If you don’t and people are conducting political business as the Republican Party, than the party is illegal under the laws of most states and must be either registered as a fictitious name or incorporated. Otherwise, the business of the Republican Party is nothing but an ongoing criminal operation in any state under any law similar to those in the State of Michigan, like Public Act 101 of 1907, Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 445.1 through MCL 445.5.

I as a disgusted grassroots Republican incorporated the Republican Party for the first time in history as a lawful entity in the State of Michigan over 100 years after the law had been passed that required it to be incorporated or have its name registered for transparency and accountability. I have registered the Michigan State Republican Party under the incorporated Republican Party as an assumed name. Because of that, the preexisting criminal defacto Michigan State Republican Party was refused a trademark on the name by the Corporate Division of the State of Michigan. It is my intention to have other honest Republicans help me reorganize the Republican Party as a corporation, answerable to its members and beholden to its charter to avoid a quo warranto action against the offending officers and/or the political organization.

If you really want to control the government through a political party, you must get control of the political party. You can do this by incorporating the party under its fictitious name to make it both more transparent and accountable under state laws that make it illegal for any persons to be doing business under the fictitious name of any political party if it is not registered as a business with the local or state government or incorporated and answerable to its membership via quo warranto actions.

Think about it! We as the American people, need to occupy the parties that have worked so hard to avoid a real membership that could and would control and govern them, and take that control away from the vested corporate interests who make their profits in endless wars that we and our children are expected to fight and pay more and then even more taxes for a debt not based upon our laws, but just paper and ink, and now electronic digits.

Both the Democrat and Republican Parties claim to have members, but then they really don’t, anymore than they exist as legal entities under the laws of these united states! They are just a front for the world’s shakers and makers, who through our financial community, finance perpetual war, generating financial ruin for the masses and discord, all the while systematically depriving us of life, liberty and property, having us believe that it is for our own good and that we now owe a debt that even our great-grandchildren will be paying on if it is not increased a single cent from this day forth!

The major political parties are just a facade for the financial people who fuel Wall Street and grow in riches with each loss of the players and the victims of those Wall Street players. The major parties in primary law invented by them in the 1950s and before, claim that whoever at public expense signs up at the primary polls to vote as a party member, is a party member to elect party delegates and nominate party candidates at our public expense!

Just try belonging to either party beyond that and you will either be used as a political beast of burden, knocking on doors, posting and carrying signs, or donating no end of money to the campaigns of persons who are virtually picked by party bosses who are unrestrained by corporate charters, enforceable by quo warranto when the high-sounding platform contained in their articles is openly violated by them and those they chose. This is because there are no corporate charters with which to restrain the major parties when no corporate articles exist for them to violate.

The major political parties have been ongoing criminal operations in my state of Michigan since 1907 as well as many other states that have similar laws intended to defeat, graft, greed and corruption by any businesses using and operating under a factitious name to conceal the names of the perpetrators. These laws have been passed by Democrats and Republicans, but never enforced against them.

If you don’t know anyone whose birth certificate names them to be Republican Party or the Democratic Party, then the political business name is fictitious and subject to local law! The people operating that business currently are a criminal political enterprise that needs to be prosecuted and closed down under laws like those of the State of Michigan.

A lawful party should be erected by those who are honest party members, who presently declare and vote as such in the primary elections because they are indeed the members or the primary elections are just a political sham. A sham intended to let the major parties raid the public treasuries for their marketing research on the candidates, while making themselves appear to have a legitimate membership operating under primary laws imposed upon the citizens and their treasury by the major parties. They have done this through a political betrayal of the fiduciary duty as our legislators, in a conflict of interest in state laws passed by the major party members in the state legislatures, controlling those legislatures for the sole benefit of themselves and parties causing a needless expense to the public treasury in every state that they have passed these largely self-serving primary laws.

Join us! Donate to our legal fund to fight the current criminal organizations that are passing themselves off as legitimate political parties, but because of their shadowy existence are able to serve the power brokers who buy and sell candidates and political offices. They are the people who are helping the bankers rape America. It is easy to hide such in a shadowy organization that does not have a real visible membership beyond the candidates and their hangers-on. Decide which party you want to help reorganize and legitimatize.  Help us create a legal political party structure for every party, that is transparent, accountable and above reproach under the control of its membership and not self-made political bosses or the financiers that they are currently controlled by.

Click here to view or download the Memorandum of Law.

Read the following quote of John Adams and see if it does not indicate that history is repeating itself with all the recent talk of political censorship of our citizens and public office holders that dare yet to speak out about the criminal element that is running America and intends to line their pockets with wealth while running the country into the ground!



12 MAY, 1798.

Among all the appearances portentous of evil, there is none more incomprehensible than the professions of  republicanism among those who place not a sense of justice, morality, or piety, among the ornaments of  their nature and the blessings of society.  As nothing is more certain and demonstrable than that free republicanism cannot exist without these ornaments and blessings, the tendency of the times is rapid towards a restoration of the petty military despotisms (police states) of the feudal anarchy, and by their means a return to the savage state of barbarous life.  How can the press prevent this, when all the presses of a nation, and  indeed of many nations at once, are subject to an imprimatur, by a veto upon pain of conflagration,  banishment, or confiscation?

John  Adams



a license to print or publish especially by Roman Catholic episcopal authority

quo warranto

(kwoh wahr-rahn-toe) n. the name for a writ (order) used to challenge another’s right to either public or corporate office or challenge the legality of a corporation to its charter (articles). See also: corporation writ



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